Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We're Off to See the Wizard and BINGO Was His Name-O

First of all, I am currently learning about what true friendship means from poor decisions of Eddie Winslow.

Secondly, Hello from Pensacola, FL! It's been a while since we've updated. Here we go!

We spent two terrific days in Austin, TX, with none other than THE Courtney Bres and her boy toy Colby. Our first show was an awesome venue called Space 12. The night started off with a bang from The Cocker Spaniels. Sean was an AWESOME dude and he put on a tight show. His CD is coming out very soon, and I highly recommend it. After we played, Legs Against Arms put on a fine show.

The following day brought red beans and rice, obstacle courses in the swimming pool, and endless amounts of hang out in a tiny apartment in Austin. That night we played at Red 7. There is seriously a show in every building in that city. But ours was bumping. Lots of cool bands. Plus we were attacked by more roaches!

Leaving Austin behind, Kyle drove us 9 straight hours to New Orleans where stayed with Courtney's family: Mr. John, Mama Bres, and Austin. We were fed like kings and Mama Bres washed our dirty undies. I fell asleep just as Indiana Jones got Hitler's autograph. And all I night I had nightmares about what George Lucas might come up with next.

The next day we played a really fun show at Hey! Cafe in New Orleans. Could quite possibly be the sweatiest show I've ever played. We met some really great people that night. We slept on Bourbon Street on beds of vomit and empty beer bottles. After lunch the next day we split up and Austin showed Kurt and me around the city. I really wanted to see the Lower 9th Ward and the traces of devastation left by Katrina and Brad Pitt. We saw all three! You can read about our trip into the 9th Ward here. We tried to volunteer the next day to help with the oil spill, but either the government or BP has made it nearly impossible to do so. You've got get take classes and get certified. Who knew?!

We finally said goodbye to the Bres family and began the journey to Florida. On the way there we stopped at a gator ranch. I couldn't afford an air boat ride, so we just hung around with the gators. The owner taught Dillon how to call the gators. Eventually he had them jumping through hoops and performing long division. We had all day to do whatever we wanted in Pensacola, which included Inception, Sam's Surf City, IHOP, and an awesome show at The Handlebar. I got my body rocked in a water slide at Sam's and have some slide burns to prove it.

By the way, our good friend Cool Steve is biking across the country. You can keep up with him here. Be safe, Steve! We miss you!

If you know anybody who lives in Florida, give them a call. We'll be here for over a week and we're playing all over. Plus, we get a day off at Disney World!

Just over two weeks left. We finally made it.


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