Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Good Things. . .

. . .get towed away in disgrace.

And thus ends our summer tour. We are currently stranded in Robin Williams, Georgia. It could be a fuel pump. It could be demons. Who knows?! Luckily, my aunt Karen has some family down here who were friendly enough to help us land a super cheap hotel room, as well as find us a mechanic. It's been a crazy and fun couple of months. We are looking forward to coming home and resting for a while and joining back up with society.

I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone this summer who opened their homes to us, made food, or befriended us. We met so many incredible people! And we got to see a lot of cool things, too! Remember when I was in the Redwood Forest? And we got to go to Disney World. Cool, huh?!

In debt and broken-spirited, we prepare to return to our normal lives (or in Dillon's case, back to his parents' house). Thanks, Fart Van, for getting us this far. But the $1200 we poured into isn't really paying off in the long run. Here comes the long road home.

Also, don't trust mechanics in Tifton, GA. They are liars and criminals.


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