Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm a Believer

The last two nights could not have been any more different from each other. Just like California's climate, the music scene out here is just as diverse. Let's start in the desert.

Alex got us on our Lancaster show. And we are very glad he did! From the front, the Longhorn Saloon looks like any old regular place with regular folks. But we were shown through the bar and into the backyard where everything was set up for a cool show. The night was also a going away part for Gabe, the one who booked the show and the singer for Bar Lights. We thought to ourselves, "Even if nobody shows up, this is going to be a fun show."

We were right. . .and lots of people showed up!

The show opened with Dan playing some John Denver covers, followed by about 15 more acoustic acts, each varying in oddness (one guy sang about jerking off in the shower, another sang about how awful his friends were). Finally we got up to play. I wasn't sure how the crowd was going to react. But you couldn't ask for a more beautiful picture. We were there in the backyard in the desert. A cool breeze was blowing through. Everyone seemed to know each other and were having a good time.

Besides blowing the power three times, our set went really well. People were dancing. Gabe's dad stood up after our first song and ripped his shirt off in pure ecstasy. We sold some merch, made some money at the door, and made a lot of new friends, which include Corey, Marley (I know I spelled it wrong), Jerry, Mike, Dan, Anthony, Robin, Amy, Tara, Colton, and many more I can't remember. Everyone was super friendly.

And if that wasn't enough, the band after us was unbelievable! French Exit was by far the best band we've played with on tour. Kyle took his shirt off, if that tells you anything.

Gabe's band ended the set. And even though they were mostly intoxicated, they were a lot of fun. What a night in the desert!

Everyone at the show told us how much we'd enjoy Santa Monica. And enjoy it we did. I had my first Fatburger. Not only was it extremely delicious but it also caused me to run, cheeks clenched to the nearest and grossest public restroom to shoot baby brown bottle rockets from the end of me. It was overcast and chilly but that didn't stop us from riding a roller coaster on the beach and from beating little kids at carnival games.

Now, we knew going into the night that there was going to be a fashion show as well. However, we thought it was to be after the music segment. But when we arrived, we were greeted by male and female models. And this is California. They were the most gorgeous people I'd ever seen in person, which I apparently remarked upon numerous times throughout our set. Some designers were present, some set up tables with their merchandise, some just mingling. It goes without saying that we felt EXTREMELY out of place.

The first band was called Toy Robot. They were a lot of fun. Really catchy songs. They had two girl singers, and it made me miss my sisters big time. When we played, the room was mostly empty except for some folks sitting in the back and some dingus who somehow already knew the words to every song. I'm sure it was going through each of our minds that this was another lousy, empty show. Well, in the other room were beautiful men and women talking about fashion. Something Dillon knows a lot about, but the rest of us are in the dark.

However, during our second to last song, a group of Bikini Babes walked from behind the stage and posed in the middle of the floor. All of us started laughing at the sudden appearance of the lovely models. We gathered ourselves and finished our set, but not before one of them walked up to me and winked. Best night of my life.

We ended up selling some CDs. Apparently more people were listening in the next room than I thought. Again, we met some really nice folks, including another band from the area and a fashion designer. We stayed through the fashion show. Wowee! Talk about some sweet fine babe-a-trons! Dillon told one of the models where the bathroom was. And I told a male model he had done a good job that evening. Look at us mingling with celebrities!

For most of my life, I scoffed at California. How superficial! How dangerous and not very good indeed! But after seeing the state from top to nearly bottom, I've become a believer. California is a great place with some fantastic people. Between a backyard bro-down and a upscale fashion show, we've had a very good experience out here.

Tonight is our last California show. I don't want to go to leave. Mostly because I think Arizona is scary.

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