Monday, May 4, 2009

zack's description...

...of last night.

last night, some dudes from a parking garage called me gay for wearing a pink shirt. my shirt was maroon. some guys at a bar drinking bud light on a sunday night called us dorks for walking by. a couple of fat lesbians told us it is okay to be gay and when we agreed they told us to fuck off. and lastly, as we circled the venue in which slipknot had just played we came across a man talking to a group of fans. stephen approached him and shook his hand as the man said, "i'm jim, the guitarist from slipknot." add some road blocks, some failing automatic doors, and a giant tire swing, you have a weird and fun night in grand rapids.


  1. damn. damn damn damn. he is the good guitarist too.


    p.s. you are all gay, dorks, and you do need to fuck off.

  2. people in trucks do whatever they want