Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hey everybody. Karl here. I haven't posted yet and I think it's probably for the best. But seeing that it is "Trek Season" here in the Kammeyer camp - meaning the new Star Trek movie is going to finally be out and I am beyond elated and everything I say is either directly or indirectly related to my favorite childhood memory and I annoy the fucking piss out of everyone and write retarded long sentences. The point of all that was I wanted to share with our loyal readers that I am boiling with excitement and if you share my joy, then to let me know. You see, I'm kind of alone on this little trek/tour (see what I did there??) in my love for Star Trek and it'd be nice to see some support. I'm a real man. I mean, a REAL man. I can and often do admit my love for all things Trek and as often so Star Wars. I just finished watching the movie Fanboys for the first time. It was perfect. Every comic I love was in it as well as some special appearances. It made me cry. But I held most of it in because I would get made fun of more if they saw that, plus Kurt was asleep next to me and I'd rather not wake him up. So, that's pretty much it. I'm so fucking stoked for this movie and I hope you give it a chance. It looks like alot of fun. That's all. Bye.