Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pool's Closed

Hey fans, it’s Cool Steve again. I’ve been in constant nap mode since my last blog and therefore don’t have that much to tell you. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, mostly just girls still asking me to take my shirt off and me obliging. God gave me this body for a reason and if there’s one thing I know about God it’s that he loves it when you show off the presents you were given. That’s why I showed everyone my new iPod that I got for Christmas.

We played an awesome show in Orlando at a coffee shop. Our good friend Steve (Moor Hound) opened up the show and I say this in all seriousness; you need to check him out. Everything he does is inappropriate. We played a killer set and I was singing some awesome harmonies behind the kit. Too bad there wasn’t a mic back there, I guarantee we would’ve seen a jump in CD sales. Speaking of mics, I hate it when people talk about microphones and abbreviate it “mike”. Just because spell check doesn’t put a red line underneath names doesn’t mean you’re shortening words correctly.

After the show we went to a girl’s dorm room and stayed the night. It was pretty uneventful if you call me getting 3 invitations to sleep in girls’ beds uneventful. I declined because they had the internet there and I love the internet more than I love impressing people with my make-out skills. The next morning our host took us to the mess hall where we shoved bagels and bananas in our pockets because we’re on tour and that’s what you do on tour. You steal things. You take things that originally cost money and make them cost nothing.

After Orlando we headed to a suburb of Atlanta, GA where we played a most excellent house show. It was the best show of tour so far. After we played, an inebriated high school girl told me I was hot and cute. I told her that her roots were showing and she cried. Post-show, we headed to Alex’s uncle’s house where our minds were blown. He had BEER IN HIS FRIDGE. He also had a pool table, big screen TV, a tanning bed, GUNS, ski-ball, a king sized bed, batting cages, and a trampoline. Frank read a book most of the time.

After Atlanta we headed to Asheville, NC where we played a show that I don’t really remember with a band that was really good. I parked on an awesome incline in a really thin alley and I put on the parking brake so well. You should've seen it. Everyone in the area knew our van wasn't going anywhere. On the topic of the word “brake”, I really hate it when people type the word “break” when they mean “brake”. Just because spell check doesn’t put a red line under the word that is describing what you’re about to do doesn’t mean you’re spelling correctly.

We drove to Tennessee that night and stayed in these really cool dorms that Alex blogged about below. My favorite part of the night was when I set my sleeping bag down on my bed and saw a marshmallow next to the wall with dust on it. My second favorite part of the night is when I laid down in my bed and saw crackers underneath Alex’s bed. The next morning we woke up and grubbed out so hard. I put a green bean in my cereal because I thought it was Frosted Flakes and when I took a bite I realized it was Corn Flakes. A bowl of cereal has never deserved a green bean more.

Our last show of tour was tonight and took place in a town so small in Tennessee that not even it’s own residents know the name of it. I know this because I asked a lady at a gas station where we were and she stared at me like she had just seen a black man win the presidency. I knew this show would be awesome because I got to use a drum set with a double bass pedal. It’s been a secret fantasy of mine to spice up Rodeo’s songs with some unnecessary double bass so that’s exactly what I did. People in the crowd got so stoked and started cheering and I’m on eBay right now looking for my own pedal so I can start doing it on a constant basis.

After we played, this awesome nu metal band performed and it blew my mind because I didn’t even know those existed anymore. It was like stepping back into the year 2001 and you better believe I moshed my JNCO’s off. We are about to head back to Indiana right now and that means the end of me blogging. It’s been really fun though, and I’m kind of glad it’s coming to a close because in case you couldn’t tell, I’m running out of funny things to say. In all seriousness though, this was the best tour I’ve ever been a part of, hands down. The shows weren’t always that great or even good, but I got to almost kiss so many girls that that didn’t even matter. Until next time, Cool Steve out.

Cool Steve

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