Monday, July 11, 2011

We All Make Boners

Hello from Tucson!
Can you believe it, the weather is actually not that bad! Last year, we all had to get medical treatment for 3rd degree burns. Not to mention watching one of the worst movies I've ever seen. But today, our skin is safe inside of Emily's home. It's a great house that overlooks the city.
Updating Tour Blog, Dog, is a tough thing right now. We've had very little time to do much of anything. So few adventures and mishaps! We are touring with Slipknot and it's been a lot of fun! There are a lot of names to remember between Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish. So we just call everybody Jose and Doug. It makes it easier.

After our Dallas show, we stayed the night with Ben's bud Brianna, who incidentally threw her plus-size thong on stage. We were given the Skyline chili dip treatment and got about 3 hours of sleep. We woke up a 5am and Kyle drove us all the way to Albuquerque. And my dear lord was it ever hot. It made Tucson last year look more like a pizza oven than a blistering inferno. But I'll tell you what. Albuquerque was a blast. We met a lot of cool dudes and girl dudes, including Ryan, who spent his entire allowance on a bunch of junk. Kyle and I also got a delicious hot dog with some nice folks who couldn't make it to the SOLD OUT SHOW! It made me miss home just a little.

That night our buddy Paul who tour manages for Streetight Manabreasto hooked us up with a sick ass hotel room where we all snuggled like we didn't all hate one another or smelled like bed of pig dookie. Except Ben. He slept on the floor. It's punishment for bringing such a big suitcase. God, that thing is huge.

Last night in Tempe was by far the hottest show yet. People were so wet with sweat it felt like we were at a pool party, except the pool was in Jeff Saturday's jock strap after losing to the Jets in the 2nd round of the playoffs. And instead of playoffs, it was a moshpit. Whatever. I lost track of that analogy. It was gross. But we destroyed the stage, sent 5 kids to the hospital, and made Reel Big Fish so ashamed of their inferior music that they just played 20 minutes of instrumental Pat Benetar singles.

We're crossing our fingers tonight. Last year Tucson gave us one of our best shows. Let's hope it can deliver again. Of course, it will be good no matter what since we're reuniting with the babes from the Love Nest who took care of us when we needed it most. Dillon repaid the favor with a buritto. We're all square now. Thanks, girls! Bon apetit!

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