Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When Hell comes to the final stand with the Kingdom of Man

So I found a notebook at the venue in San Francisco. It is filled with lyrics of songs. They are gems. Here are a couple of my favorite lines (all typos and spelling errors have been left unedited for additional humor).

"Death is only the begining of your sufforing.
Cursed from the start
A wretched vermin is all you are
Detestable Unsightly Vomit of unspeakable disgust." - In The Cemetary

"He spews out war & mass devastation
disease & weapons of mass destruction.
He'll swing his sickle bring World War 3
The final war that man will see." - Rider on the Pale Horse

"Innosence for Evil
Surrender to the Darkness
you can't resist (x3)
the beckoning from hell." - The Woods (slow start)

"Chains chains chains stabbing at my brain.
Chains chains chains driving me insane." - It turns my blood to Ice

"You think your neck is stiff?
Try having rigormortice." -untitled

"I hunger for blood
I smell it your veins" - untitled

There was also this awesome drawing

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