Friday, June 11, 2010

Like Barbecue Sauce Oozing Over Mash Potatoes, OR, The Battle of The Nicest Dudes on Earth

When you are on the road, you are forced to humble yourself and depend on the kindness of others. As you might have guessed, we may have been treated poorly in the past. However, the last two nights have produced two of the sweetest dudes on the face of the planet.

Sioux Falls was beautiful to say the least. We played all over Falls Park, and I took my shirt of (see above). While Dillon was flirting with the ice cream lady, we discovered that Club David might very well be a gay bar. But Micah, the guy who took money at the door, set me straight. It used to be a gay bar. Now gay people just enjoy it. But the show that night held neither straight nor gay. Instead, there was the happiest bass player on earth, who I thought looked like a combination between these two: hmm and hmm. We played for one of the other bands and about three other people, one of them being our first sweet dude:
Eli from Sioux Falls. Oddly enough, his old band had played with my old band years and years ago. He came to our show and cheered us on with the three other people in the club. Then he invited us to his home where we sat and listened to some tight jams and let us make a very nutritious meal. Even though his career choice wasn't quite up our alley, he treated us real nice and let us shower in his clean apartment.

Now, we had played in Omaha once before and a saint named Sara put together a kick ass show. Her band was playing with us again, and we were stoked. However, even though I told the venue that we didn't want a sound guy, they sent one anyway. And boy, was he chipper! After insulting most of us and producing a windstorm of heavy sighs, we finally accepted that this dick douche wasn't going anywhere.

The Body Electric played an awesome set. By the time we went on, the entire city of Omaha had dragged their sad, artistic asses to the show to get their mope on. We started jamming our happy tunes and the crowd went wild.
The night ended with an awesome set from Edge of Arbor. We made some money and Alex suckerpunched the sound guy right in the kisser. We didn't have a place to stay, and then came sweet guy number 2: Aaron.

Aaron played guitar in the Body Electric, and he invited us to stay at his apartment. Not only did Aaron turn out to be an awesome dude but he also had an enchanted and magical cat (pictures and videos will be up soon). We hung out on the back porch where Aaron schooled us on how much he knew about music. Sara bought us donuts, Aaron bought us beer, and Kyle tooted a hole straight through the deck floor. After a couple hours of good conversation, we headed to bed where Kurt slept next to me and nothing happened.

We are headed to Kansas City, hotbed of good times in the Midwest.

What happens at the post office, MAKES ME VOMIT!


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